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How indoor ag is a boon to foodies

Infographic created for the October 2015 Indoor Ag-Con NY conference.

Cornell Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture or CEA facilities can range from the very low-tech such as row covers and high/low plastic covered tunnels, to fully automated glass greenhouses with computer controls. There have even been some CEA facilities on the international space station where astronauts have grown leafy greens both to eat and to advance scientific knowledge. The Cornell CEA program has worked with many different types of CEA facilities through the years. We developed a greenhouse hydroponic production method geared toward local food production. A prototype facility was built in Ithaca in the late 1990's and continues to function today producing more than 1000 heads of lettuce every day of the year. We continue to do research in the areas of supplemental lighting and commercial hydroponic vegetable production. Learn more about the CEA.

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