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Seoul Home Tie – SoKor Business Travellers Keep Coming Back

April 24, 2024 0

experiencing Thai massage in Seoul One of the perks of visiting South Korea for a business trip is the chance of experiencing the
high-quality Seoul Home Tie (서울홈타이) service; specifically the Everybody’s Home Thai (모두의홈타이) brand of relieving stress and body aches. Today, having a massage session in the comfort of one’s home or current living quarter is a widely recognized and highly appreciated type of health service in South Korea.

legality of massage services in South KoreaCurrently, massage sessions in South Korea are recognized as a health therapy. Thai, Swedish and Aroma massages, foot spas and acupuncture are widely acknowledged as the most effective ways of relieving stress and body pinches to relax one’s body. It’s a treat regular international business travellers look forward to in South Korea.

Choosing the Best Providers of Massage Therapies

There are more than 3,000 massage shops operating in South Korea. However, anyone trying the service for the first time must have awareness that not all massage shops lined up in the streets of Seoul and other urban cities are legitimate. Actually, all that business travellers need to do is visit the Modoo Home website (https://modoohome.com/loc/%EC%84%9C%EC%9A%B8/) where they can find different types of massage services that can be provided either on-site or as Everybody’s Home Thai (모두의홈타이) massage session.

As far as the latter service is concerned , Modoo Home does not directly provide the services. A friendly manager is assigned to meticulously supervise the well trained masseuse or masseur tasked to deliver the requested massage service. Both the manager and masseuse give their best effort to provide highly gratifying services; taking care not to cause any internal damage to the client.

Take note also that Modoo Home does not accept reservations or ask for advance payments; and are available only in Incheon City and in the accessible areas of Seoul, Gyeonggi. Moreover, the company reserves the right not to entertain queries about illegality or immorality.

Modoo Home also maintains the right to refuse providing service to those who exhibit rudeness and bad behavior caused by excessive alcohol intoxication; or those with records of habitual last-minute cancellations of requested home services.

Why Some Customers Insist on Asking about the Legality of a Korean Massage Shop

Queries asking about the legality of a massage service business coming from tourists and travellers on official business is not really a sign of impertinence or disrespect for the establishment. Under existing SoKor laws, only visually impaired and licensed masseuse or masseur can render professional massage services. However, as the turns of events have it, massage therapies have become a large part of South Korean culture. Mainly because many Korean citizens have grown to appreciate the relaxing and relieving benefits or professionally rendered massage services.